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House & garden festival

After visiting Olympia this week for the ever growing multi slash summer retail show

House & Garden/Grow London/Spirit of Summer I feel invigorated. Shopping events like this let you get caught up in the enthusiasm of your fellows in a rain free high street you can't quite imagine. Brands inspired styles from all over the world with many not having a physical brick location you could visit, all in one place surrounded by cafe breaks & champagne bars.

I love what exhibitors get up to in these small blank spaces; turning them in to the personification of their brand and displays their products outside of their regular habitat. It's not an easy task and takes lots of planning and imagination to create something easy to explore & memorable amongst 100s of other stands. It lets me jump between completely different products with the same speed my mind usually jumps between ideas.

You know I have been before so I am even harder to impress but here are just a couple new brands I have added in my little black book and hint towards my interior must haves for the summer. If you missed out, go to the event website and check out the exhibitors list then do a little internet walking.

The Interior Spy

Spotted just once before earlier this year at Country Living Miranda knows exactly what she wants to share. Ethically sourced hand crafted baskets & select style pieces from the sub-Saharan Africa, made using age old techniques from local grasses creating a paired back natural home style. Taking simple shapes and turns them in to products for all over the home, from lampshades to cake covers I wanted one of each.

Spaza & Ebony Moon

I have met the lovely lady behind Spaza before but was excited to see she was joined by another South Africa female lead business that paired perfectly with her reusable household textiles. Ebony Moon run by Monique brought a bright pop of copper & brass tableware to my attention. I am just a little obsessed with spoons (don't ask) so was drawn in by the truly vast and bespoke collection on offer. I was also reminded copper is self-sanitising so her serving spoons are perfect for zero waste stores or cafes. I pick up a spice spoon to try out in one of my loose leaf tea jars and shall be getting in touch to talk more soon.

Inka Fabrics

Made in Peru, what a conversation starter! I loved learning a little more about Peruvian manufacturing and the culture of Alpaca materials. Here is just a little snap shot of the vibrance they are bringing to the UK.

Choice of Scandinavia

A popular source of inspiration at the moment, Ewa bring the aura of Scandinavia in her own blend of patterns & textures. There are lots of star pieces mixed in with plenty of cosy vibes

Pickle Pot Home

A new find for those in East Sussex Richard & Lesley have created an oasis of all their favourite things. I was drawn to their stand by the stunning white parasol and their filled shelves, you know me I like the more is more aesthetic. This pair are filled with experience from making their own furniture pieces to an eye for product selection. They personified a lovely summery country vibe and are on my list to visit soon.

Here is just a little dip in to accessories (Spirit of Summer) though you can find more of my favourite picks on my Instagram there is a highlight just for the festival and has some fashion picks too.

Meg & Bee

Now every show there is one stand you just can't get anywhere near because it has a constant crowd. Now this can mean just a few things, either free stuff, a celebrity or a bloody good deal.

Meg & Bee are the brands name sake and the idea very simple; a well designed shoulder bag in a full rainbow of colours. Each comes with its own matching thin leather strap and then you can buy bright patterned changeable straps for any mood. It's the perfect idea to make a bag more wearable and decrease the desire to forever buy new. More sustainable and lots to choose from, also makes the perfect gift for your colour loving friend. Clip to your own bags, buy a couple and mix and match with friends!

If you also love the idea of changing your bag straps for a new look another good shout is Tea & Tequila who have not just amazing beaded/sequin clutches but these jazzy straps and a new range of leather back packs.

So did you go to House and Garden Festival? What did you buy?

Read this and decided you want to go to the next one? Get in touch for more details.

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