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Favourites from the Summer exhibition

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Something I go to every year with my favourite judgy companion, mother dearest, the RA Summer Exhibition. I don't really go to the the Royal Academy outside this exhibition (no art pass discounts, naughty) but it's my favourite annual show because I love seeing lots of mediums and artists all in one place. Plus they include an architecture room & are always heavy with different print styles that are my bread and butter.

So here are a few of my favourite pieces that grabbed my attention during my exploration either because of the piece itself or that I recognised the artist. I looked at lots more but these are the ones I actually might have on my wall. I worked clockwise around the space and have included the catalogue number incase you want a look, though most are sold already sad to say this happens during the first weekend before I even get close.

38 - Napoleon After George Orwell, JHUMA SHARMA ROY

Lithograph Editions left for sale.

I really have no idea why this one stood out for me, I think the colour but it caught my eye high up on the wall and was actually the first piece I saw in the show.

56 - Conversation, MICHAEL AJERMAN

Oil Painting For Sale.

A weird one that I saw on my second walk around, I liked the single colour use in this piece and the cats facial expression just grabs me.

214 - Fabric Shop on Ridley Road, LUCINDA ROGERS

215 - Wilton's Music Hall Doorway, LUCINDA ROGERS

Ink, Crayon, Watercolour Both Sold

I love Lucinda's work, reportage illustration is my all time favourite and her style of work is perfect for the medium. I saw her exhibition at the house of illustration back in 2017 and it made me add owning one of her drawings to my bucket list.

291 - San Francisco, KEN HOWARD RA

Oil Paint, Sold.

Ken Howard is a recurring name in the summer exhibition and I like nearly all his landscapes but this tall thin American crop was my pick this year. Understated and old school they are just really nostalgic for me.

499 - Moondog, MATT HALE

Oil, Still for Sale.

I don't usually get drawn to many portraits but this one had a nice technique and was not a glossed over appearance or so true to life it was depressing. Makes me wonder who it's based on.

Don't exclude the Architecture room, I know lots do or walk around saying this isn't art! but the craftsmanship in the models is amazing, plus their showcasing the real beauty of the buildings/spaces they are representing. From local redevelopments to far away exotic places there is a little of everything and actually full of information.


Acrylic & MDF, NFS

I looked at these birds eye views of the redevelopment of Kings Cross for ages, trying to identify all the places I know and what they were before.

743 - Square At Night With Snow II, BILL JACKLIN RA

Oil, Not sold.

Another familiar face to see but I usually love his pieces, way outside my price range (ever) but have this Lowry quality and give you a fuzzy dream like view in to the scenes he creates. Not my favourite piece so check out the rest of his collection.

819 - City of Angels, LINDSEY BARRETTO

Photography, Digital Print Original and Prints for Sale.

I think the only photograph I chose from the exhibition, there wasn't as much this year and lots of urban decay shots really not much else. This image was high up on the wall and just pleased me I think for the angle & framing.

Cyanotype, Prints still for sale.

Yes, Craig! A nice shout out for a friendly Print Club London face, Craig's work introduced me to cyanotype as a process and I love pointing out his pieces. He was in good company with many artists talking about environmental issues with their work but you can check out his other pieces for many moody thought provoking topics.

897 - Stellae 1L, PHILIP BYRNE

Screen Print & Hand Guilding, Prints & Original for Sale

This one is a see in person kind of piece, high up on the wall which is a shame but really nice hand finishing. Don't know anything about the artist but now on my list to go take a look at.

1051 - Lucky Sailor, ISABEL ROCK

1050 - Lady Bird Jungle, ISABEL ROCK

Woodblock Print, Acrylic Ink

A new artist added to my list to follow and see what they come up with, lots of Grayson Perry influences I love the colour pallets and very care free composition. Lucky Sailor made it on to a postcard in the shop too which is always telling in someway.

1192 - Angel Heart, BELLA EASTON

Lithograph on Porcelain Tiles, Prints available.

This piece had huge presence, individual tiles all printed separately to make one large piece with a standout frame job of a material mount and slime dark frame.

There was a lot more prints in this room I'd have but struggled to pull out favourites, most I liked a detail or process rather than the piece as a whole, so check out the full listings for lots of inspiration.

1396 - Stolen Thunder (The Final), CORNELIA PARKER RA

Photography, prints available.

This one made me laugh once I got close, it's true the more red dots you have the more attention the piece seems to get and this picture plays on that which is hilarious. It's also sold lots which just adds to the irony.

1552 - Radial Growth, FARAH SYED

12 colour lithograph, prints available.

This one inspired me for a commercial project I'm working on at the moment which just proves the show sparks all kinds ideas. Lavender & lilac are popin up everywhere at the moment.

Here is the link to browse all the artworks in the exhibition but most you have to see in person to really get the sense of

The only other thing I have to say about this years show is the postcard selection, something I always find really interesting ( I mean who chooses which pieces are commercially produced??!*?) the selection was super poor this year. They have introduced these premium postcards which are great £4 for something that you can frame and love but only one I even considered. The shop is always included in my visit FYI.


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