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Want to know what we have been thinking about or up to recently well welcome to the inside of my head ..yes it is full of pens. 

Find reviews of recent events we have attended and helpful business advice mixed with book recommendations and even a sneak peak in to a current project.

If you read something and want to know more about a particular brand or just have a question pop us a message, 

What we are up to

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A directory dedicated to independent businesses that have caught our eye for either their excellent craftsmanship, future thinking ethics, innovative products, creative branding or just general amazingness. 

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Reading Material
Palaces of Palms, Kate Teltscher
The Bookseller's Tale, Martin Latham
Gaudi : The life of a visionary
Speeches That Changed the World
Your silence will not protect you, Audre Lorde
The Airbnb Story
The Story of Tools
Do Open David Hieatt
Lee Krasner Biography
Lost Japan
Dior By Dior
A house in the Country
A Spool of Blue Thread
Hyper Yourself, Lucy Werner
Company of One, Paul Jarvis
Do Purpose David Hieatt
The Amateur
The Craftsman
Books, Baguettes & Bedbugs
The Land Where Lemons Grow
The Diary of a Bookseller
Clock Dance, Anne Tyler
The Secret Lives of Colour
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