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A medium of work I have always had a fondness for; the study of collage which can never be definitive simply because the medium demands continued experimentation. Each artists personal approach requires any number of tools and materials outside the norm; creating something from the completely abstract to the practically surreal.

Collages gather feelings, materials and visuals, recording as they go. Most artists will dip in to the medium at some point during their career including the likes of Picasso (who was one of the first to coin the phrase) and Hockney’s much later photo montage pieces. I myself studied Richard Hamilton, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns during my own art’s education, some firm favourites.

Now I could do a blog post on my favourite artists you could google for their most famous works but instead I thought I’d share some of the budding new artists I find through the wonders of Instagram. They all practise expressions of ‘collage’ – some are digital illustrators others more traditionalists with a love of national geographic. So click through on the links and find some new artist inspiration to add under the header… collage.

Surface Pattern Designer

An Instagram worthy sketchbook is something I wish I had. Mine is more dark scribbled notes most of the time than these paper craft masterpieces. Julie uses magazine textures to create her own shapes or paints her own  to then cut out and compose.

With a fondness for botanicals and a bright photography style she’s easy to enjoy.

Handcut Collage

A new finds from my friends at Urban Makers East; I got to experience one of Maya’s workshops during their Christmas Pop Up. Usually made up of just 3 elements her striking pieces are created from the pages of National Geographic and other old tombs. She curates and selects each element very particularly and doesn’t believe in digital editing.

Her fondness for outer space makes her work pretty out of this world.

Photomontage Illustrator

You might recognise Eleanor’s work from The Guardian or BBC pages; maybe you hadn’t remembered the name to go with the awesomeness. Her topics can be very thought provoking; spanning a massive  range but they are also just bloody beautiful too.

Wish I worked in publishing or editorial, so I could commission her.

Mixed Media

Need help interpreting the urban landscape, you can practically transverse the globe with the help of Tom’s work. Painting under and over scraps of man made object using Lasertran, a method of transferring photocopied material onto any surface. Pick out the little details hidden amongst the landscape, with hints of humour to be found if you squint.

Mixed Media

Lastly Sam is more a mix media artist but her latest art books include lots more collage pieces I am in love with so she made the list. Sam has this fanciful doodle quality that is so bright and bold. A pattern lovers dream that almost looks like they have been pulled from a psychedelic dream state.

She does Art Journaling workshops?!

All the images have been borrowed from each artists Instagram accounts and the links under their names will take you to their account so you can follow along for more lovely artistic content. #followfriday


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