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What's to come from IKEA A/W17

A lot of what you find here on Design Curator is things that are happening right now, events I go to that are also open to the public, designers products that you can shop for etc. However this is something a little different, I heard on the grape vine that IKEA were inviting bloggers to see their Autumn/Winter collection that is launching in October and it peaked my interest.

After moving recently I am suffering from blank walls and a lack of correct furnishings to fit my space. It’s a nice challenge to be stuck with, having to slowly rebuild my interior style to suit a new space and a new flat mate (my sometimes loving older brother). So my interest in what’s to come in terms of trends is active and in research mode.

After a quick email and a swift reply from Lauren from lovely Hope and Glory PR, I was invited for a sneak peak at IKEA’s plans as well as an opportunity to get crafty, gift wrapping some IKEA essentials.

A whole host IKEA team members were in the basement of NoHo Studios ready to whisk me around their 4 key trends for A/W17.


This one seems like a little bit of a no-brainer, more of what IKEA is famous for but this year brings a new colour pallet. More modern flavours pairing their usual clean stripped back look with tera-cotta-tones and muddy green’s to bring warmth in to what will be the colder months of the year. (No one said Hygge I promise). Also a collaboration with HAY to create these impressive YPPERLIG vases that will start at £18, curves included. I got one of the SLÖJGRAN cushion covers in my goody bag so expect to see it pop up at home.


The loft look is one very familiar but done well by IKEA with more masculine patterns and function at the heart of the style. Lots of key metal pieces including the IKEA PS unit just £55, allowing you to display all those colourful IKEA organisers whilst still having everything away in it’s place. It’s adjustable legs and shelves allow you to customise for use and I think even my brother couldn’t say no to one of these for the living room.


I think this was the trend that got the most attention for its eye grabbing opulence full of rich dark tones accented with brass & gold. Foliage is a key player here, creating a jungle for yourself to get lost in. Not sure I could go full velvet with the STOCKHOLM sofa but I wouldn’t say no to one of the pouffe’s (£85) their very flexible changing life from a chair to a table all with the help of a tray.


My favourite; sustainability is a big word at the moment, everyone realising the desire to care more about how we treat oneself, others and the environment in which we live is a poignant one. It’s alway been something you find quite naturally within IKEA without realising but this promise of more care towards responsible design, from renewable and ethically sourced materials isn’t just beautiful, it’s BEAUTIFUL.

On top of bamboo tables sat EFTERTANKE a collection of products by a collective from Thailand celebrating handmade skills in paper, textiles and ceramics. This will start as limited edition ranges including the monochromatic paper bag range to be revealed in only certain stores come Autumn. (Southampton, Leeds, Wembley, Tottenham and Lakeside). If you can’t wait go and grab a ALSEDA stool made from banana fibre to keep you going. In this heat they make the perfect place to plop down and relax.


This was a little big of fun for myself and a few ladies who love to craft, spending a little time away from the world in this basement Narnia of IKEA’s making. Chatting about our favourite Christmas traditions (yes it is June) and getting away from work/family life for a while. Lead by the wonderful Janine who seems to get everyones vote when it comes to gift wrapping prowess.

If you feel the desire to wrap now, you can get all these supplies in store already as 2017 Christmas ranges are being kept close to the chests of the Swedish team. So good job to the press team for putting this Christmas in June cosy grotto together for us.

Sorry there isn’t mores snaps of the wrapping and present efforts, I got a little distracted by the fun and cookies and forgot to take more pictures. Rest assured though there was a glue gun, glitter, double sided tap, stories and lots of mess but more of that to come closer to Christmas time.

So that’s a wrap! And all other kinds of other wrapping puns. See you in store soon to bag some of these key trend items.


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