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This year at RA Summer Exhibition

It’s the time of year to be drawn back to the Royal Academy for the Summer exhibition. It’s the world’s largest open-submission exhibition, it showcases both established and emerging artists and provides a diverse platform for contemporary art. The curator Eileen Cooper OBE RA; the first ever female Keeper, reflects the ethos of the RA schools in this years 249th exhibition.

The show reflects those coming into the art world as well as many existing names of modern-day creativity. The wonderful space allows you to explore the rooms, taking in the combinations of pieces as well as your favourites up close.

Now a lot of time and though is put in to curating each room with a different artist or pair of artist selecting the works and arranging the space. I am going to throw some of that out to highlight the pieces that spoke to me most. Maybe a little sacrilege but I like to be able to show you the utter madness that is the pieces I liked.

There were even more rooms, that I haven’t featured filled with architectural reference, sculpture, video and more. No medium is missed out or not expressed. Whatever your style it’s an enjoyable visit however long you stay.

Explore the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition until 20 August get tickets and book in advance to guarantee a time slot.


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