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Stylist Live the second time around.

After reading last years post my enthusiasm for this years Stylist Live was high, I had more clients with a stall this year and it was moving to Olympia to be bigger than ever. However bigger isn’t always better; rather than the relaxed buzz I got on last years Friday night I stepped in to the mayhem that was an over sold Saturday.

It’s a shame but good events can sometimes distort as they grow, Olympia is always a massive venue making the day out a little daunting but then fill it with people there just for the spectacle and you get a very stylish rabble. Don’t get me wrong the value of the event is great; strong lifestyle content from shopping to politics but the logistics of realising it….

So after I skipped through the glamorous displays from the big sponsors (I mean who doesn’t want a free single sip sample of Diet Coke, snort) I wove my way in amongst the pop – up stalls, the real draw for my nerdy retail brain.

The lovely Dark Horse caught my eye last year as someone who doesn’t shy away from metallics and sparkle. Hopefully I can get a bespoke camera strap made up of her snazzy designs.

These were a sneaky purchase to add to my Christmas wardrobe, some geometric 3 piece earrings from Desperate Jewellery that can be worn 3 ways. I chose a brass and tigers eye pair but to be honest I wanted them all to mix and match.

Cleo Ferin Mercury introduced me to kitschy animal scarves last year; and this Stylist its was fierce detachable collars.

Soror Studios is a sister-run store stocking female makers & designers from around the globe. Owned by girls, made by girls it’s simple but perfect.

Peachy woollens from Miss Pom Pom looked so soft I wanted to wrap them around my head and never take them off. Scarves are a traditional Christmas present and always a goody in my book if their as nice as these.

Nancy & Betty are my choice for Christmas crackers this year. Lovely designs that I think shall feature as decoration before the big day. Check out their full range on their website, there’s lots to choose from.

The Urban Makers East collective left East London for this Western excursion bringing with them a huge selection of their makers. Lots of pastel perfect gifts and a few makers on the stand to meet and natter with over gin.

Slipped by Clement & Claude just for the smell. Love these candles so much!

Rosa Pietsch had a whole new collection newly launched I got to ogle in person finally. You’ll see more of them soon, promise.

I didn’t sit down and listen to any of the talks but as I passed by each stage I took in the genuine interest from the crowds. The topics a little looser this year than last I think, to much blusher & dating for my liking but maybe that’s what’s topical for young people now. Am I getting old?

So did you go to Stylist? What did you think? Were you a VIP? Was the balcony worth the ticket? Still full of questions.


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