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Spirit of christmas

Christmas is coming! I am really starting to get excited and I'm in peak gifting mode thanks to last weeks Spirit of Christmas fair. I go every year and it turns my present brain on officially, with so much shopping all in one place. Plus this year was a particularly large occasion as the fair took up two halls instead of it's usually large one. Here's a couple of finds, nice brands and even more suggestions to get you filling your online shopping baskets.

Barton Croft

A new find, Laurena hand throws all her pottery in Hampshire with an interesting colour pallet, a few great glazes and to finish off the table; some retro cutlery and shapely glassware. The imperfectness of each pieces lets them sit naturally on the table but the edge of quality makes you want them on display too. The dimple jug is on my wish list.

East End Press

I have been buying a lot of Christmas decorations this year and getting some really great new pieces. I was tempted by biscuits but went from traditional presents and stockings, nice and light wood cuts, so perfect for garlands, wreaths and other weight issued decor.

Check out her paper garlands, they are also shiny, lovely and simple.


Something a little sunny for Christmas, a new find for me that includes artisan made items from some of my favourite places all mixed together. The South African ceramics are particularly lovely from ramekins to peanut bowls I want 3 of each please.

Jan Constantine

I love Jan and you'll be seeing her in lots of my gift guides to come. Lots of soft collections to choose from. From wild styles to classic themes; every item is worthy of its heirloom tagline. Her star sign cushions are particularly eye catching, I'm Libra in case you were wondering.

La De Dah Living

They are the original silverware recyclers; though its a popularly copied product now, La De Dah have all the classics made new. Sayings, phrases, names and labels stamped on to vintage silverware, each with a purpose and enough choice for all those tricky gift-ies. I have always liked these cheese forks myself.

Oxford Brush Company

I am amongst friends on this stand, fellow obsessives who love all the nerdy uses for brushes. Now if the world was right I would have walked away with the pricey book brush I actually need rather badly.

Potting Up Ltd

For the gardener with style; Potting Up always produce a fan favourite and though their stand is only small its full of decorative functional pieces for your green thumbed friends. I bought a bumble bee a couple of years ago and carried it home on the train with pride.

Raj Tent Club

A last Christmas treat not to mix, the multicultural crafts on offer by Raj have a little of everything all under one tent. They always surprise me with some nostalgic, bright and bloody odd too, so visit with all your mad friends.

Will Bees Bespoke

A yes every time when it comes to gifts, get initials on lots of lovely pouches, including this name sake glittery bee design. I have bought 3 of these before and always get rave thank you's. A crowd pleaser, easy choice and quality to boot.

Some more names not to miss:

Gin In A Tin | Popcorn Shed | Isabelle Bizard | Old Rectory Preserves | Beyond Biasa | Jessica Russell Flint | Orris London | And more ...

More gifts to come and lots of presents to wrap coming soon!


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