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Opening Night

After another amazing visit to Print Club London I leave with a desire to cover the walls in artwork and tell the world over and over again I love screen prints!

I returned to Dalston for the opening night of the sixth edition of Blisters, their screen-printed poster exhibition; it was bigger and better than ever. It’s a simple concept 

Artists submitted designs under this years theme BOOKS, taking favourites scenes, writers or quotes and end up creating a room of literary inspired pieces. The result a diverse line up of styles curated together against the amazing backdrop of MC Motors a neighbouring venue to the print studio.

The opening night was RSVP only and the line was out the door down the alley and winding in front of the local off-license. Made up of art lovers, locals, interior addicts, book nerds and of course PCL own adoring fan base. I piggy backed the night with VIP’s Emma & Natasha who were introduced to the show early and were handed gin at the door. Lucky ladies.

The show also included the exciting launch of their first book ‘Screen Printing the Ultimate Guide – From Sketchbook to Squeegee’ published by Thames & Hudson. Some classic live screen printing, a stall from G.F Smith (who provided the paper for the prints) & of course a couple of boozy bars.

However the favourite event favour I think turned out to be the Pick ‘n’ Mix; it’s silly really but the thing a room full of adults wanted most was to feel like kids again. So surrounded by lots of nostalgic reminders of childhood tales munching on sweet treats we talked green eggs & ham and going down the rabbit hole.

The only thing longer than the line to get in, was the line for the shop. With several prints selling out on the opening night, I think I can safely say after a few years hiatus the show was a success. There was a lot of deliberation over what our favourites were, with opinions changing every time you thought about it. However one that stuck in my mind was by Kong-Yew Wong with his interpretation of The Great Gatsby.

It’s all the little details of the night that stick in my mind, from the library card styled name plates to the maps & print list you got on the door. That being said the prints were pretty good too and I think there are still some left now the show if over. So here’s the link << >> bag yourself a print.

Catch you next time.


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