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New Year, New Uses

Anyone else settling in to 2018 yet? Or are you like me and still writing the wrong date on everything. January is filled with lots of tidying and admin for lots of people whilst I tend to start lots of new projects. I love a new idea; of which I have plenty, lets see how many I can complete before the year is out.

So here are a few New Year projects, uses and finds that I plan to share with you here on Design Curator, let me know what catches your eye!

My new Words of Wisdom #instaseries has just launched which will include advice I receive that I think might be helpful to others. From great creative minds who are offering their one liners on everything from retail display to networking. Some I have scribbled down whilst they give a talk, others are quoted from their writing. They are all good people to follow if you want to learn a little something. So go follow me on Instagram for the exclusive content.

If your still staring at your Christmas tree wondering how your going to dispose of it – did you know there could be a use for the dried out wood? I came across Jamie Gaunt before Christmas, he makes stunning natural vases, furniture and some particularly lovely pen/paintbrush pots.

Over Christmas you’ll have had a tipple or two and the bottles are probably still sticking around, only so many trips to the bottle bank in this weather, huh. Ever thought of turning them in to something new?

Wax and Wix Workshop hand pores soy candles in to recycled wine bottles, as well as other alcohol bottles that could hold memories or just a classic shape. They were a discovery from Circus West Village Pop Up in Battersea and would be interesting to commission for an anniversary gift don’t you think?

A new blog series for 2018 – Amateur Architecture is starting at the end of this month – paired with my continued exploration of South London. I have always had a passion for architecture and come across so many interesting projects that repurpose and revive this cities spaces, so shall be sharing some of them with you. Now I am not a technical expert hence ‘the amateur’ angle, its more about the creative way these buildings are designed and the effect that has on their inhabitants.

And finally if you didn’t get everything you wanted under the tree this year here are somethings on my January wish list, including a new product launching soon.


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