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My LDF experience - Thursday


Maybe my favourite day of the festival, the line up was great but what made it was the company! I finally picked up on everyone’s schedule and joined some lovely bloggers for a packed day of Design Destination. Starting with Design Junction at the heart of Kings Cross with a non existent press breakfast and a jog around the sprawling area of re-development.

Granary Square played host to a diverse selection attractions including Gateways sponsored by Turkish Ceramics and designed by Adam Nathaniel Furman who invited visitors to take a journey through the rich history of ceramics in Turkey. Delving back in to the show for my favourite bit The Canopy, a market place of design products ready to be shopped. It was all about the patterns this year with strong geometric themes and lots of neon & pastel colours.

After my first sit down lunch of the week I took a second walk through Shoreditch towards the Truman Brewery for the London Design Fair (really wish it had a different name) taking the stairs all the way up to the press room for a little nap before the private view. No jokes the sofa was comfy I practically fell asleep plus by this point I think we were all suffering from LDF flag.

I think my favourite section was from the Guest Country the USA curated by Sight Unseen of some of their best American designers. From Bower mirrors to Steven Haulenbeek sculptural lights they were attention grabbing and a laugh to engage with. I did like the whole top floor really the Dutch Stuff from the Netherlands offered some very insta worthy moments. With a few new names added to my watch list it was equally nice to see lots of new products from names I know and love; Floor Story, Tom Pigeon, Arran St, Kate Trouw. So well done everyone for the good show.

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