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Another Day out at Kew

Kew Botanical Gardens is one of my favourite day trips in London, it is a step in to another world, a very leafy one. This time of year is the best as the change of season turns the green landscape in to an Autumnal kaleidoscope. Kew have had an Artful Autumn programme on this month and with just a few more days to go I thought I’d show you all the nice things I saw and why you should pay them a visit yourselves.

This ones a little mean as it was a pop up but I had such a good time at my second visit to Handmade at Kew that I had to share some of my new finds from the show.

Sally was one of Craft Centrals exhibitors and had a true passion for her process. I left the event pretty set on her decorative geometric tiles for gifts this Christmas.

I wouldn’t have got in with out the complimentary ticket thanks to Charlotte from Woven Form, her scarves were delightful as always. Look out for her designs this Christmas as she brings out more products. There were lots of ceramics to peruse from ornamental to function but I was drawn to the large selection of animal wildlife inspiration.

Another woollen warmer that makes it on my gift guide list; these reflective unisex pom hats, come in perfect colour combo’s and are safe for night time winter excursions.

One more ceramist to indulge in; these marbled finish geometric mountable shapes would look perfect on my wall. Blue and white really is a classic.

Rebecca and Virginie made the perfect pair for their fair display; delicate handmade paper flowers set against shiny decoupage covered accessories. All arranged in wonderful little scenes for you to imagine in your own home.

And last but not least, the wow worthy display of vintage suitcases from Lisa who embellish’s her finds with her own designs to give them new life and function as either display items or glamorous accessories.

Alongside the craft show Handmade Britain also put on a month long sculptural display around the gardens (18 Sep – 15 Oct). With 76 different pieces spread across the grounds I got to explore a different route playing spot the art work amongst the stunning foliage.

I walked from The Orangery restaurant, down behind the P.O.W conservatory and then looped around the Palm house taking in a selection of the art that caught my eye. The humanoid & animal pieces were more to my tastes than the abstract pieces but was nice to explore the variety from lots of well known artists.

On the other side of the gardens is the majority of the Artful Autumn programme including an exhibition by Rebecca Louise Law, which is open daily from 10am – 5pm at The Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art. With 375, 000 preserved blooms celebrating the sculptural quality of nature creating almost a frozen moment in time.

Down the cedar vista is a further 16 different organic works of art by four different artists (I got tired on my visit but heard lots of good things). Lots of willow and an interesting Fungi study that has the perfect backdrop. With a further schedule of talks and workshops, check Kew’s online What’s On for more info on what you can see.

Remember you have a week left of Artful Autumn but that doesn’t mean you can visit after. Christmas is right around the corner after all.


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