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What happened to 2020.

Well I think we all actually know what happened to 2020; a global pandemic. If there was a single headline for the year that would be at the top but there would also be a list of thing tallied under it also in the not so great column. Australian wildfires, student environmental protests in London, police shooting black people in America, muslim genocide in China to highlight just a few deep topics.

It can all be a lot to handle on a daily basis especially for those at the centre of the action, for the rest of us we dip in to the debate when it comes to our actions. This can be what we say and share with others, who we buy from and where we visit. We are also left wondering what the last quarter of the year has in store for us. As a keen planner I continue to stare in to the unknown and laughing a little at my blog post for the start of this year, best laid plans and all that.

It also shows us the best businesses are those than can 'pivot', re-invent, be flexible, however you want to describe it. The ones that have managed to ride the wave of this years events and even benefit are able to provide what their customers want during any situation. It also highlighted for me lots of business weaknesses that might have been ignored in favour of short term success, providing a rose tinted view on the future.

Now I am a planner (owner of a marketing company hi!) so for me the pandemic had me throwing out this years plan and starting a new one with fresh eyes. Though there was a delay in my reaction in favour of some time with the family in the country focusing on our health first and foremost.

So what does the new plan consist of? Want some ideas about how you can switch up your plan for 2020 or 2021 whilst taking in to account the ever changing up & down of global rules? Good, thought so.

Pay close attention to my next few blog posts to help you navigate Q4 of 2020 and beyond.


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