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My LDF experience - Monday


A little sad to see the Islington Design District shrink this year with the gems a little few and far between for my liking but a sparse map or not I still put aside a morning to wander the pavement of Islington. With a display never to miss from Present & Correct and Lizzie launching a new podcast at SMUG during the week; adding some of my favourite retail design spots for my own trail.

As you can see lots of visually pleasing retail & interiors, keeps it still one of my favourite shopping spots in London & perfect for an LDF newbie to see without fear of not belonging, understanding or enjoying this design jaunt.

Islington is only a short walk to Clerkenwell walking past Exmouth Market & on to a recommendation from Design Milk’s own LDF guide Magculture. With lots of interesting magazine choices and a comfy black sofa for a pit stop it gave me a nice breather. Then some glam showroom’s Clerkenwell is famous for in a full technicolour rainbow of choices and materials. No particular hub in this district and without a map I was a little aimless wandering.

Got to love the furniture choices though and lots of new product launches to keep me happy with interior inspiration.

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