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Market day

I love a market day; it's when I get to awaken from my desktop and get out in the real world to say hello. It is my equivalent of a desert island question, where would you spend your day if you could do anything ? I'd probably chose a market. Saturday was the result of too many inside days, I managed to fit in 4 different pit stops around the city


Hemingway Designs have been bringing SAMPLE to North Greenwich for a few years now and continue to grow the experience. Designers you wouldn't find elsewhere mixed in with lots of foody treats, a great DJ and put together with local residence in mind. I always think a local spin on any market gives a distinction to that location rather than the same market being able to appear anywhere.

Here are some of the lovely traders but that wasn't the only attraction; make sure to look up what's on at the NOW gallery as they always have something wacky & colourful on display and of course take a walk around the Peninsula if you can, it's a modern architecture hot spot. From new flat blocks, an arts building development, the new Tide walkway around the O2 and the water front views it offers of the wharf and beyond.


Returning to Mile End park for something other than an Urban Makers market was a little strange but nice to see so many people joined together by a common desire and they made a very happy crowd. Hosted by Vegans of London the Mindful Market brought together their best food stalls (lots of sweet things) a sustainable fashion swap, zero-waste lifestyle and cruelty free wellbeing ideas. Lots of nice stories, candles and thoughtful moments were had during a nice lunch pit stop. Let's see what you do next time Vegans on London.


A quick stop I wanted to make since Thursday, the Whitechapel gallery is one of my favourite places to buy books. A guilty pleasure I am known for at the best of times let a lone at the London Art Book Fair filled with odd publishers, rare art books, signed copies and nice discounts. I made sure to give myself a time limit and magically left with only one book but if its an annual thing I'll be back again.


Now finding me at a Crafty Fox Market isn't a seasonal thing anymore with their monthly weekend markets at Mercato Metropolitano they aren't in short supply. Expect a pick up in traders the closer you get to Christmas and keep an eye out for their samples & sale weeks if your after a bargain.

There are lots of traders you'll recognise if your a follower and as they attract lots of makers from outside London too, keeping the roster fresh and different from other London curations. It's one of my favourite places for a chat and that's pretty much all I get up to, so bring a few friends and don't be afraid to talk, ask questions and learn a little something whilst your there.

It's also great to end your day here as after the market is done at 5pm you don't have to go very far for dinner.

I am temped to do a market day post each week to share what markets you could visit each weekend in the city as I always have a list ready. Though not always possible to go to myself there is plenty for you to enjoy.

Also follow me on Instagram for makers names and links.

Remember support small independent makers, they make all the best stuff.


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