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Made Returns to Marylebone

Another great example of craft in London; MADE pop’s up in some great venues offering up only the top band of quality design wares. I was so happy to return to Marylebone as I love the gothic former church. Designed by Sir John Soane, it has sweeping staircases, incredible chandeliers and spacious characterful rooms, it’s the perfect backdrop for Tutton & Young’s showcase. I only had time for a flying visit during their evening private view but it turned in to a perfect snippet of new designers to add to my radar for Christmas.

The ceramics were a diverse thing of beauty from decorative to functional; subtle glazes to dazzling doodles with a couple too hard to resist and ending up in my bag as ‘gifts’.

Jewellery took up a large section of the show but I ended up glazing over a lot and being truly selective with only the best bits. Helen Noakes introduced me to delicate miniature scenes frozen in resin, time and unique silver jewellery pieces that I couldn’t get out of my head. Did I mention they are stamped with sassy sayings and can be made bespoke?

The other eye catching pieces that I couldn’t walk past without a ‘wow’ was every single piece from Grainne Morton. Her spirit animal would have to be the magpie, as she collects and hoards anything miniature or precious that catches her eye. Many things you or I would overlook, and then transforms them in to rainbow worthy jewellery compositions. I need this women to be stocked somewhere in London, anyone?

A couple of textiles to keep you warm and happy the lovely Miesje Chafer offers something bold screen printed and fun. Her love of textiles come through in every product and she has such clever ideas of what to create with her fabrics. Then a new woven find; Sally Weatherill using lambs wool to create her own bright geometric fashion & interior items that I think would make great gifts this year.

Lastly some wooden friends that I wish I had little giff’s of, their movements make them just a little magic.


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